“Following the financial crisis of 2008 it became evident that we needed to implement software to monitor and control product costs and profit margins in real-time.  After a thorough review of all the available solutions we chose EZchef, and have been nothing but pleased.  It has given us the ability to drill down into our operation in ways we could not have imagined before. Real-time control of inventory and menu item profitability is essential to our continued growth. We’re days from 2016 and EZchef remains vital to our operation in achieving yet another year of record revenue and profitability.

Moreover, we’ve had great pleasure over the years dealing with John as he’s always been available to answer any questions, or tailor aspects of the software to fit our operation.



Justin L. Nicholson, President, River House Bar & Grill
Middletown, Pennsylvania

“I had been searching two years for the best way to keep track of inventory and integrate with a menu costing system.  I made my own spreadsheets, tried some inexpensive web apps, and researched costly software which I couldn’t afford. I finally found EZchef. It is everything I need to operate my business efficiently and profitably.  A simple program that has been nothing less than life changing, no kidding!  From Vendor order sheets, inventory count sheets, recipe costing templates that are automatically updated with price change; EZchef does it all. There are indeed other options, but for the price and ease of use this is the best.

The other great thing is John’s availability. He promptly calls or emails me whenever I have had any questions. Thanks for helping make our business more profitable. My family and workers thank you too, we all benefit!”



Ed Doris, Good Karma Café and Grill
Exeter, NH

“We have been using Restaurant Resource Group products for a few years now to support our franchise operations. Recently we upgraded to their latest Inventory and Menu Costing program now called EZchef.  I have been using the software regularly and find it to be remarkably powerful and simple to use.  The vendor import feature is effortless and reduces our workload as well as ensuring more accurate input of price and cost data.

On top of it all, John provides first class support and is exceptionally knowledgeable about our industry and its day to day operational issues”.



Pradeep Anand, Eggspectation Restaurants, LLC
Montreal, Quebec

“I just wanted to touch base with you in regards to your EZchef program. I bought the program on line, and the next day I started to input all my non Sysco vendor information. I was dreading doing this, but found the transfer template feature very smooth and effortless.  I must admit that I had an issue with the Sysco download as I am from Canada, and the import was not working properly.  I called your help line, and spoke with you in regards to this problem.  It appeared that it was a programming issue due to the differences between the Canadian and US versions of the order guide format.  It initially sounded like something that would take weeks to fix, so when you called me back in less than two hours with a new “Canadian Version”, well let’s say I was blown away. I am now working hard at designing my new Menu with the help of your software.  The program is so easy to use I don’t know if I will even need to use the Getting Started Guide.  I even have a new manager with no food experience inputting all the information.  I can only say that if you own a restaurant, and are concerned about inventory, menu costing and analysis, you would be crazy not to buy this software”.



David Scott. President, Terminal 4 Patio & Grill
Toronto, Ontario

“EZchef is unquestionably a great investment for my restaurant!  The program allows me to regularly import my US Foodservice inventory easily, accurately and efficiently. Once that info is in the system it’s a breeze to cost out all my menu items (including my bar), and then “zone-in” on my sales mix so as to actively promote and sell those items that optimize my profit.  I strongly recommend this solution. It will pay for itself in no time”.



Grant Dinner, Owner & Franchisee, Panini’s Bar & Grille
Cleveland, OH

“As a new Cafe manager I was overwhelmed with the task of maintaining inventory of the countless food and beverage items required in our day-to-day operations. It’s an understatement to say I was struggling with the Café’s menu and maintaining up to date pricing.

The purchase of EZchef Software has benefited us tremendously in these areas plus many more. The software is so simple to use and will allow any restaurateur to efficiently operate his or her business in these times of soaring food prices.

In addition, I cannot thank John enough for his invaluable support, which is always very prompt and knowledgeable.

Kudos to John, his team and EZchef  Software!”


Michael Carbonell, Manager, The Shanty Café
Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada

“EZchef is one amazing program! Aside from the fact that it performs all the tasks that I need in our restaurant, it is by far the easiest software I have ever seen. I used another “industry leading” program for many years and it was so cumbersome and complicated that I was the only one in the restaurant who could touch it. EZchef is so straight ahead that I was flying after a few minutes. The Sysco import is amazing and takes just a few seconds to load. This keeps all my inventory and menu costs accurate and up to date!

On top of all that John’s support is second to none (and free!!!!)”



Christoper Bateman, Partner and General Manager, Lexx Restaurant
Lexington MA

“I have been both a user and developer of Excel spreadsheet programs for over 30 years.  I worked for the restaurant divisions of PepsiCo for 20 of those years, and wrote Taco Bell’s first “Ideal Food Cost” program in 1985 (which was subsequently rolled out to 3000 restaurants). It is therefore with great pleasure that I have this opportunity to recommend EZchef, a program which I recently began to use to develop my hospitality businesses.

Once I discovered the EZchef software program, my decision was easily made.  Aside from the simple versatility of the software, I was impressed by John’s support, guidance and overall helpfulness.  I’ve looked at many similar products, and while most are helpful in their own way, I was sold on the EZchef program from day one. My hat is off to John’s entire portfolio of restaurant operations products, but to EZchef software in particular.  They will all form the core of my Hospitality business and I am pleased to recommend it”.


Joe Jaeger, President
The 212 Hospitality Group and independent owner of Bars & Restaurants

“A menu is the most important piece of printed material in any restaurant.  Many operators simply cannot or do not devote the time it takes to keep prices and menu items up- to-date and many are looking for solutions.  EZchef software can help.  This easy-to-use software makes the task of creating, documenting and pricing menu items easier and gives the operator confidence that they are maximizing profit on every item.

As the Menu Development and Design Specialist for Ben E. Keith Company, I work with restaurant operators who want to better manage their menu prices in this rapidly changing market.  Imagine their relief when I tell them that by using EZchef, they can update their Ben E. Keith pricing with one click of a button.  This allows the operator to evaluate each recipe and menu item with 100% certainty that the pricing is current and then react with changes to their menu instead of waiting until it is too late to turn the ship around.

EZchef software makes it easier to be a great restaurant operator”.


Kristen Ritchie, Menu Development & Design Specialist
Ben E. Keith Company

“I met with Phil today for about two hours to go over a new program called EZchef that was nothing less than AWESOME!!! The purpose of the meeting was to support my efforts to help a new customer with her inventory and food cost procedures. I was willing to do all the work the hard way the way I was taught, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and pencils ruled the communication process. I wish I had this program when I owned my own restaurant because it would have saved me countless hours managing my inventory and obtaining accurate plate costs.

This program dropped my jaw because we are always talking about building value with our customers, and giving them a reason to believe we are actually their valued consultant rather than simply a salesman; thereby moving the conversation from saving money to earning money, and emphasizing the value we offer rather than the price we charge.

This EZchef program, leveraged properly, will do more to build value and establish our industry knowledge and credibility than anything I have seen I my two short years with Sysco.

I definitely see the value. I want this program, and I will leverage it”.



Dan Hutchinson, Marketing Associate
Sysco Sacramento