EZchef Software

Inventory Management, Menu Costing and Analysis for Restaurants and Bars



Easily manages all food and beverage INVENTORY tasks and processes including physical inventory counts and printed weekly order guides for your vendors

Menu Costing

Creates accurately priced and updated MENU COSTING for all your restaurant’s Menu Items and associated Sub-Recipes

Menu Analysis

Performs a full MENU ANALYSIS based your “sales mix” to evaluate and graphically display how each menu item impacts profitability

NEW v4.5 introduced for 2024 by the Restaurant Resource Group…

EZchef Software is a powerful, intuitive and easy to use Microsoft Excel (Windows based) restaurant software program designed to simplify your food and beverage inventory tasks, create fully costed menu items and sub recipes, and use menu engineering and analysis as a tool to maximize your bottom line profit.

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Screenshot of EZchef Restaurant Software for Inventory, Menu Costing and Menu Analysis



  • Sysco (US and Canada)
  • US Foods
  • Gordon Foodservice (US and Canada)
  • Ben E. Keith
  • Shamrock
  • Performance Foodservice
  • Cheney Brothers
  • Food Service of America (now US Foods)
  • Jordano’s
  • Flanagan Foodservice
  • Tannis (now Sysco Tannis)
  • VIP Foodservice
  • Henry’s
  • Stanz
  • Upper Lakes Foods
  • Merchants

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