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Download a Free Restaurant Management Software Demo of EZchef Software by submitting this form. We will email you a fully functional copy of the program that is pre-loaded with Inventory, Menu Items and Sub Recipes as well as Menu Engineering data. The program will be accessible for 15 days from the day it is sent. Take it for a “Test Drive, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Click on the link to download the EZchef Getting Started Guide .

Screenshot of EZchef Restaurant Software for Inventory, Menu Costing and Menu Analysis
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New v4.5 Introduced in 2024. This full featured Windows based Microsoft Excel based application is powerful, intuitive and easy to use.

EZchef Features:

Easily manages all food and beverage INVENTORY tasks and processes including physical inventory counts and printed weekly order guides for each of your vendors

Creates accurately priced and updated MENU COSTING for all your restaurant’s Menu Items and associated Sub-Recipes

Performs a full MENU ANALYSIS based your “sales mix” to evaluate and graphically display how each menu item impacts profitability

I had been searching two years for the best way to keep track of inventory and integrate with a menu costing system.  I made my own spreadsheets, tried some inexpensive web apps, and researched costly software which I couldn’t afford. I finally found EZchef. It is everything I need to operate my business efficiently and profitably.  A simple program that has been nothing less than life changing, no kidding!  From Vendor order sheets, inventory count sheets, recipe costing templates that are automatically updated with price change; EZchef does it all. There are indeed other options, but for the price and ease of use this is the best.”
      Ed Dorris, Good Karma Café

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